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Tecam S.r.l.

TECAM is a company operating in design and sale of plants for treatment of industrial primary and process waters for over twenty years. With around 500 plants realized in Italy and abroad, TECAM is able to provide chemical, physical and biological technologies (evaporation, membranes, reverse osmosis, filtration and ultrafiltration, aerobic, anaerobic and other treatments) for treatment of primary and waste wasters of several industrial fields - plating, mechanical, painting, graphical, printing, nautical and aeronautical, chemical, pharmaceutical, agro-food and zootechnical (digestate) - of landfill leachate and of waters deriving from soil washing.

The focus of TECAM’s policy is the customer, followed from feasibility study until to assistance and maintenance services. TECAM’s Technical Sales Engineers are able to find solutions that combine the use of the best technologies achievable in the market with need of a rapid return on investment. TECAM is able to offer solutions for each kind of requirements: permanent plants for prolonged needs of treatment, mobile units for external placements in limited spaces, possibility of renting for short periods of treatment. Between benefits of wastewaters treatment there is the possibility to recycle treated water in production process (whenever possible TECAM find to reach “zero discharge” of water) or to discharge it in superficial waters according to concentration limits established from environmental laws, lowering disposal costs thanks to reduction of pollutants volumes. represents an added value for customers.

When possible, exploitation of wastewaters for power production or commercialization of byproducts of treatment allows a further diminution of operating costs.
With 50% of plants installed abroad, the company is strongly oriented to international market: TECAM exports in Europe, in Russia, in areas with scarce water resources a s India and Mediterranean Sea basin, in industrialized countries as China and in countries sensitive to environment respect as California, Japan and Singapore. Between TECAM’s referees figure Eletrolux, Air Liquide, Renault AvtoVAZ, Lyonnaise des Eaux (Suez group), Siemens, Michelin. 
Its membership to a group and to an export consortium organized as integrated and “lean” systems represents an added value for customers.

Tecam full presentation is available for download.

Legal head office:
via San Marco 11/C - 35129 Padova, Italy
tel +39 049 8070650  fax +39 049 8072930

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