Pyrolysis of plastics

SESSION C9 / 18 November 2020 / 16:15 - 16:45
Dezhen Chen, Tongji University (CN)

Pyrolysis of plastic wastes: product, reactors and pollution control

Dezhen Chen, Lijie Yin, Shaoheng Ge

About 40 % of plastic products end their lifespan in 1-2 years and become wastes, therefore dealing with the plastics wastes is a common task worldwide. From 1950 to 2015, according to statistics, around 8.3 billion tons of plastics products had been produced, of which 2.5 billion tons of them are still in service while 4.9 billion tons of them were abandoned as waste plastics going to landfills or dumping sites. In China the generation of plastics wastes is about 33 million tons annually, the effective measures for dealing with waste plastics are urgently demanded. In 27 Eur opean union countries, 25 million tons of consumed plastics wastes are generated annually. And this number is 150 million tons worldwide. Waste plastics account for 13 % of MSW in USA and 13.5 % in 20 big cities in China. From 2019 the “Zero waste city” plan and municipal solid waste segregation started in China, but when the waste plastics have been segregated as “recyclable wastes”, there is none proper destination for them. Incineration treatment of waste plastics is wasting resources as plastics are made from petroleum. For example, 2.3 tons of petroleum is consumed when producing 1 ton of PP. Recycle oil and chemicals from plastics wastes through pyrolysis can be an economic and convenient solution. Oil from plastics is a good substitute for petroleum to refinery plant. The profit can be 1500-3000 Yuan RMB dependent on product quality. Also, pyrolysis achieves high levels of pollution control compared to incineration. In this review, sometime important issues about recycling oil from plastics including products, reactors and pollution control were discussed. [Read more...]

Professor Dezhen Chen is the director of the Institute of Thermal & Environmental Engineering in Tongji University since 2013 and had been promoted to be professor since 2005. Since 1992 Dezhen Chen has been working with municipal solid waste (MSW) incineration and the related pollution control when she began her master thesis, since then she has been working in the WM area with the similar topics for 26 years. Her research interests include innovative waste to energy technology development, incineration flue gas cleaning, MSWI fly ash disposal, life cycle assessment (LCA) of waste management and technologies. She has published about 130 papers in Chinese & international journals and own more than 20 patents, including 2 American patents.