Special session: Waste and Health


Topic: Waste and Health
Abstracts submission deadline: 10 August 2018
Partner journal: Detritus - Multisciplinary journal for waste resources and residues

by Raffaello Cossu - During Sardinia 2017 last year we had the opportunity to discuss with a group of Hygienists about Waste and Health. Without doubt this issue is currently fundamental in the field of waste management, as it represents one of the main population concerns associated with the acceptance of WM facilities. For this reason, a clear stance to this regard should be assumed by scientists. Unfortunately however, the discussion developed in Sardinia made us realize that there is a dangerous lack of communication among scientists, with no reciprocal transfer of knowledge and discussion of experiences. Dangerous because, as a consequence, we leave the population open to fake news and biased opinion manipulation.

I have therefore decided to propose the following initiatives:

  • Proposal to IWWG of a new international Task Group on “Waste and Health” open to all experts in the field (hygienists, doctors, biologists, environmental engineers, etc.); the Task Group could hopefully be launched during the Symposium
  • Call for Abstracts for a Special session on “Waste and Health” in the context of Venice 2018
  • Closing Round Table to discuss these topics and meet with Society (people, administrators, politicians, associations, etc.) at the closure of Venice 2018.
    Participation in the Round table would be free of charge

Those interested in submitting a paper to the Special Session should respect the following deadlines:

  • Submission of an abstract (10-20 lines are sufficient) by the 10th of August 2018
  • Submission of full papers by the 20th of September 2018

Abstracts  should be prepared using the abstract template and submitted to the Organising Secretariat using the online form. Offers of papers for workshops are also welcome.

All accepted papers will be published in the new IWWG International Journal Detritus, following a peer review process.

For any further information or assistance regarding the submission of abstracts, please contact the Organising Secretariat at papers@venicesymposium.it.