Companies Forum

The latest bioenergy innovations and markets trends will be discussed during a forum specifically conceived for companies and firms operating in the field of energy from biomass and waste. The primary goal of those sessions is to foster exchanges between practitioners and the academics, promote novel solutions to today’s challenges in the area of Waste to Energy, provide practitioners in the field an early opportunity to evaluate leading-edge research and present their latest products and services.

Companies froums broaden the range of opportunities for companies during the symposium, which includes exhibition areas, rooms available for private or open meetings, networking events, and numerous advertising opportunities. The forum will be freely accessible to all delegates and visitors of the conference, thus representing the perfect chance for companies to gain visibility, meet new potential clients and present products to a seated public.

Each session will be allotted 100 minutes and will include a selected number of brief oral presentations followed by ample time for discussion and opportunities for networking.


Confirmed companies:

Babcock & Wilcox Vølund is one of Europe's leading suppliers of wet flue gas cleaning systems, often with integrated energy recovery in the form of flue gas condensation. Their patented, safe ADIOX® dioxin removal technology is installed all over the world. Their deliveries meet BAT standards and we ensure good performance and safe operations far into the future through our service agreements. 

Bioprocess Control Sweden AB is a market leader in the area of low gas flow analytical instruments for biotechnology related applications. The company works with the development of smart instruments that allow for more efficient, reliable and high-quality research and analysis, leading to significant reductions in time and labour. Based on recent statistic, Bioprocess Control has over a thousand customers from nearly 500 organizations in 60 countries, covering both academic research institutes and industrial players in biogas, wastewater and animal nutrition sectors. Currently, there are about 400 scientific publications based on experimental data generated by Bioprocess Control’s smart instruments and more are added each month.

Introductory presentations:

S. Andersson (SE) / Babcock & Wilcox Vølund
AB ADIOX for dioxin removal from flue gases
P. Lindgren (SE) / Babcock & Wilcox Vølund
AB Flue gas condensation for enhanced energy recovery from WtE
M. Nistor (SE) / Bioprocess Control Sweden AB
Smart analytical instruments for biogas labs


Confirmed companies:

Plantec Inc. was founded in 1967 and has created many original technologies regarding incinerators and flue gas treatment systems through untiring research and development for over 50 years. They have delivered more than 150 incineration plants. In 2017, Plantec successfully delivered the Vertical Combustor in Singapore and established a Singapore subsidiary, Plantec Argonaut Pte Ltd in order to promote international business more strategically.

FILK is an independent, non-university research institution working as a non-profit organisation. The research activities at FILK focus on laminar-flexible polymer materials such as leather and its natural source collagen as well as material compounds based on synthetic polymers. Especially the applied materials research such as the clarification of structure-property-relations, surface phenomena, bonding and reaction mechanisms and the behaviour of these materials under stress are of very high significance. Based on this knowledge, new developments and solutions with relevance to the industry can be implemented.

MTF - Modern Technologies & Filtration offers solutions in the field of gasification, purification of liquids and gases. The company was founded in 1996 and has developed and implemented a number of technological innovations. Research carried out in close cooperation with the Center for Theoretical Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences, the Faculty of Chemistry of the University of Warsaw and the Institute of Industrial Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences have resulted in breakthrough solutions in the field of liquid and gas purification.

Introductory presentations:

Y. Tanaka (JP) / Plantec Inc. Singapore Branch
Medical waste incineration in Dubai & Singapore utilizing the vertical combustor invented by Plantec in Japan
M. Meyer (DE) / FILK
FILK - leather research and byproduct management
M. Dudynski (PL) / Modern Technologies and Filtration Sp.zo.o
Waste disposal in Poland. Doing business with MTF