Current speakers and presentations

UPDATED ON 19/07/2022

  • 9 reasons why Carbon Capture should be prioritized in Waste to Energy
    B. Englebert - Keppel Seghers (BE)

  • Application of response surface methodology in palm kernel seed oil extraction using n-Hexane
    L.S. Shuraihu, M.S. Galadima, A. Ishaq - Air Force Institute of Technology, Kaduna (NG)

  • Effects of process water recirculation in hydrothermal carbonization products   
    R.P. Ipiales, D.C. Pimentel, A.F. Mohedano, E. Díaz, M.A. de la Rubia - Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (ES)

  • Novel catalyst synthesised from waste glass and eggshells for cleaner fuel production   
    A.H. Al-Muhtaseb, F. Jamil, A. I. Osman, R. Al-Hajri - Sultan Qaboos University (OM)

  • Giving energy management a higher status in waste management          
    R. Stegmann - TuTech Innovation GmbH (DE)

  • Numerical analysis and experiment on plasma gasification of biomass   
    V. Messerle, A. Ustimenko, Oleg Lavrichshev - Plasmatechnics R&D LLP (KZ)

  • Choice of waste-derived char as a methanation support: effect of carbonization temperature              
    Z. Mei, D. Chen - Tongji University (CN)

  • Technoeconomic and environmental sustainability assessment of anaerobic digestion of olive mill wastewater              
    G. Manthos, D. Zagklis, C. Zafiri, M. Kornaros - University of Patras (GR)

  • Revisiting biochar valorisation potentials            
    E. Borsella, P. Colucci, H. Lange Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca (IT)

  • Two membrane stages for capturing CO2 generated by Coal Fired Power Plant 
    A. Maytham, C. Dinca - University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest (RO)

  • Advanced scrubber for abatement of particulate matter and treatment of pollution in a municipal solid waste incinerator plant 
    F. Galatioto, A. Avveduto, P. Tripodi, G. Spanto - Is CLEAN AIR Italia Srl (IT)

  • Micro mechanism of competition between HCl and SO2 in semi-dry flue gas deacidification              
    S. Chen, J. Xu, Y. Chen, D. Chen, L. Yin - Tongji University (CN)

  • Tar removal from syngas of refuse gasification by catalytic reforming     
    G. Yuan, W. Zhou, R. Yang, K. Yin, D. Chen - Tongji University (CN)

  • Pyrolysis products derived from co-processing of coal fines and microalgae        
    J.A. Meyer, C.A. Strydom, J.R. Bunt, R.C. Uwaoma - North-West University (ZA)

  • Co-pyrolysis and co-gasification reactivities and kinetics of blends of hydrochar from municipality waste residue and South African density separated coal    
    R.C. Uwaoma, C.A. Strydom, J.R. Bunt, R.H. Matjie  North-West University (ZA)

  • Prediction and real-time optimization in biogas production plants with circulating flow 
    B. Lemke, A. Nägel, F. Niebling, T. Scheidemann, M. Tietze,  G. Wittum, R. Wittum King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (SA)

  • Gasification of agricultural and biorefining waste: effects of oxygen and steam equivalence ratios on syngas quality
    N. Cerone, F. Zimbardi, L. Contuzzi, M. Carnevale, A. Villone - ENEA (IT)

  • Research on impacts of N doped hydro-chars on the adsorption of pyrolysis oil and its methane production during the anaerobic digestion process     
    Q. An, D. Chen, Y. Hu - Tongji University (CN)

  • Using waste of  biorefining lignocellulosics to produce building blocks for biofuels          
    F. Zimbardi, E. Viola, M. Morgana, N. Cerone, A. Romanelli, V. Valerio - ENEA (IT)

  • Canola Dockage – feedstock assessment and preliminary results of continuous torrefaction              
    W. Campbell, S. Daneshamouz, R. Evitts - University of Saskatchewan (CA)

  • Sustainable bioenergy production from poultry slaughtering waste        
    M. Arshad, A. Fatima - University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences Lahore - UVAS (PK)

  • Anaerobic treatment of high-strength organic wastewater using an inverse fluidized bed bioreactor         
    M. Namburath, B.J. Alappat, T.R. Sreekrishnan - Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IN)

  • Development of a reactor network model for thermal conversion of solid waste in a grate-fired furnace
    R. Vandevelde, M. Vanierschot, J. De Greef - Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (BE)

  • Prospective analysis of industrial data from a waste-to-energy plant      
    W. Meynendonckx, M. Ishteva, J. De Greef - Katholieke Universiteit (BE)

  • Effect of different solvents on the thermochemical liquefaction of biomass for bio-oil production         
    S. Ozkan, A. Carvalho, J. Puna, J. Gomes, J, Bordado, R. Galhano dos Santos - IST-ID - Associação do Instituto Superior Técnico para a Investigação e Desenvolvimento (PT)

  • Pyrolysis of sugar cane bagasse assisted with acidified natural clinoptilolite        
    L. Santa, N. Montes, O.D. Gutiérrez  Instituto Tecnológico Metropolitano (CO)

  • Characterization of ilmenite mining residue for its potential use as a geocatalyst in pyrolysis processes           
    D. Venta, P. Villegas, O.D. Gutiérrez - Instituto Tecnológico Metropolitano (CO)

  • Principal component analysis of elemental composition for woody biomass ash recycling              
    M. Ike, S. Iijima, Y. Pei, K. Shiota, M. Takaoka - Kyoto University (JP)

  • Napier Grass carbonization treatment for enhancing fuel properties a comparison of vapothermal carbonization and hydrothermal carbonization      
    D. Moloeznik Paniagua, J.A. Libra, V.S. Rotter - Technische Universität Berlin (DE)

  • Valorization of bottom ashes from waste-to-energy plant into asphalt mixtures for road pavements         
    F. Russo, R. Veropalumbo, S. Malvezzi - Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II (IT)

  • Kinetic modeling for HTL conversion of food wastes       
    A. Roubaud, G. Haarlemmer, M. Briand - CEA (FR)

  • Anaerobic digestion of primary sludge with recuperative thickening for increased capacity              
    J. Olsson, J. Andersson, S. Bramstedt,  F. Bäckbom,  T. Crispin, M. Harding - Käppalaförbundet (SE)

  • Treatment of domestic wastewater using a novel compact unit 
    M.A. El-Khateeb - National Research Center (EG)

  • Application of biogenic silica for particulate matter precipitation processes        
    I. Hartmann, S. Formann, T. Schliermann, F. Hoferecht - DBFZ Deutsches Biomasseforschungszentrum gemeinnützige GmbH (DE)

  • Evaluation of the anaerobic degradability of food waste collection bags made of paper and bioplastic           
    G. Dolci, V. Venturelli, M. Grosso, A. Catenacci, F. Malpei - Politecnico di Milano (IT)

  • Solid waste management indicators, aedes aegypti infestation and machine learning in Brazilian regions             
    F. Klafke, V. G. Barros, E. Henning - Santa Catarina State University (BR)

  • Application of Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) and industrial heat pump for energy efficiency and CO2 reduction in wood industry and decentralised energy from waste  
    A. Guercio, A. Bertacchini - Turboden SpA (IT)

  • Hydrothermal liquefaction of sewage sludge      
    Y. Kulikova, V. Dolganyuk,  S. Sukhikh, N. Orlov - Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University (RU)

  • Palm kernel shell waste as alternative fuel for clinckarization co-processing with sustainability goal impact       
    S. Narra, K. Agboka, E. Beguedou, M.K. Damgou, E. Antwi - Universität Rostock (DE)

  • Waste oil and petcoke used as alternative fuel in clincker pyro-system for operation sustainability with refractories cost impact         
    S. Narra, K. Agboka, E. Beguedou, M.K. Damgou, E. Antwi - Universität Rostock (DE)

  • Cashew nutshell and raw coal co-grinding for sustainability goals in clinckarization pyroprocesses  
    S. Narra, K. Agboka, E. Beguedou, M.K. Damgou, E. Antwi - Universität Rostock (DE)

  • Novel Prosopis juliflora leaf ethanolic extract effectiveness for extending postharvest shelf-life of strawberries and cucumbers 
    I. Saleh, M. Abu-Dieyeh - Qatar University (QA)

  • Hydrothermal carbonization of waste biomass as sustainable strategy for renewable energy production and environmental applications       
    A. Messineo, A. Picone, F. Codignole Luz, M. Volpe - Università degli Studi di Enna "Kore" (IT)

  • Improvement of sewage sludge treatment by anaerobic co-digestion with agri-food wastes (wine vinasse and poultry manure)         
    L. Sillero, M. Perez, R. Solera - Universidad de Cadiz (ES)

  • Production of biohydrogen, biomethane and biofertiliser by anaerobic tridigestion with temperature phase separation  
    L. Sillero, M. Perez, R. Solera - Universidad de Cadiz (ES)

  • Biological upgrading biogas to biomethane in pilot-scale trickled bed biofilm reactor     
    D. Pokorna  Z. Varga, D. Andreides, P. Benes, J. Zabranska - University of Chemistry and Technology Prague (CZ)

  • Synthesis of a bioplastic from agri-food waste
    M.T.M. Nogueira, A.P.C. Ribeiro, L.M.D.R.S. Martins IST-ID - Associação do Instituto Superior Técnico para a Investigação e Desenvolvimento (PT)

  • Economic aspects of a collection solution of biowaste in an association of municipalities in Portugal             
    P. M.S.M. Rodrigues, F. David, E. Soares, E. Monteiro, N. Melo, J. Gregório, R. Rodrigues - Instituto Politécnico da Guarda (PT)

  • Preclinical toxicity of exposure to fish meat contaminated with heavy metals for one year
    S. dos Santos Toriani, L. Delmônego, A..B. Gastaldi, E.M. Pereira, D. Delwing de Lima, T.M. Novais de Oliveira - University of the Region of Joinville (BR)

  • Study of the acute and chronic toxicity of chrome III oxide nanoparticles on the marine microcrustacean Mysidopsis juniae (Silva, 1979)               
    J. Fugazza, A.B. Gastaldi, B. Goulart de Oliveira Maia, T.M. Novais de Oliveira - University of the Region of Joinville (BR)

  • Study on decarbonization of the dairy farming system using biomass crops as cattle bedding              
    S. Ochiai, K. Ishii, T. Furuichi - Hokkaido University (JP)

  • Recovery of nutrients from animal slurry by solid-liquid separation, stripping and fixation of ammonia, precipitation of phosphorus and flocculation
    S. Seyffert, N. Schmeißer, C. Cuhls - Magdeburg University of Applied Sciences (DE)

  • Valorization of sugarcane bagasse as a potential substrate in the production of bioemulsifier by aureobasidium pullulans LB83           
    D. Rubio Ribeaux, R. A. Mata da Costa, P. R. Franco Marcelino, J. C. dos Santos, M. das Graças A. Felipe, I. C. Roberto, S. Silvério da Silva - Universidade de São Paul0 (BR)

  • Agriculture economic systems in development country 
    R. Traballi - Universidade de São Paulo (BR)

  • Waste eggshell as a catalyst for the oxidative coupling of methane to light olefins: effect of metal impregnation       
    D. dos Santos Lima, O. W. Perez-Lopez - Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (BR)

  • Biogas production from crude glycerol through a fed-batch strategy using sunflower oil-cake residues as an microbial attachment matrice     
    G. Markou, D. Arapoglou, L. Chaikalis, D. Antonopoulos    Institute of Technology of Agricultural Products – HAO-DEMETER (GR)

  • Organic template-free synthesis of ZSM-5 Zeolite using rice husk ash as silica source      
    C. Ferro Callil Nascimento, H. J. Martez Esquire Nogueira, A. F. Machado Leitão Bento, D. dos Santos Lima, I. C. Tessaro, N. R. Marcilio - Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul - UFRGS (BR)

  • Co-combustion of mineral coal with agro-industrial wastes: assessment of atmospheric emissions
    F. Aguiar Linhares, P. Juarez Melo, N. Romeu Marcílio - Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (BR)

  • Challenges for grate fired Waste to Energy plants for the future waste fuels
    T. Norman, O.H. Madsen - Babcock & Wilcox Vølund AB (SE)