New format

We are excited to present the new digital format for the 2020 edition of the Venice Symposium!

As the conference will be held on a web-based platform, the online tools will give us the chance to introduce new interesting features and to provide a variety of sessions and contents that will enhance the symposium programme. With this in mind, we have re-opened the Call for Abstracts! Proposals for virtual presentations can be submitted within 14th September.

This new format will make Venice 2020 an engaging and stimulating event for all our attendees. Be part of it!

Similar to the traditional sessions, virtual ones will be structured as a set of oral presentations followed by a moderated live discussion. The sessions will allow for live interaction between speakers and participants: using the Q&A tool, delegates will be able to send questions which will be answered live by the authors. Attendees may also be invited to join the discussion with camera and microphone.

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Workshops, which are primarily focused on open discussion among participants, will mainly be organized as highly interactive live sessions, during which attendees can be a part of the debate with camera and microphone.

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Virtual posters will be provided as PDF files, accessible at all times and easily downloadable. The e-posters can also be enriched with slides or video presentations. Delegates will be able to comment and ask questions to the authors via Q&A and chat.

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Live sessions featuring keynote speeches delivered by highly reputed scientists who will examine specific topics in great depth and answer questions from delegates.

Two speakers will discuss a controversial topic on which they have diametrically opposite views, highlighting pros and cons of the issue. A moderator will manage the discussion and introduce questions from the audience in order to fuel the debate.

Sessions dedicated to young scientists who will have the opportunity to present their projects and research works in a captivating way. A jury made up of leading experts, who will also be available for comments and suggestions for the researchers, will vote for the best presentation.

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