Science Slam

This year, as part of the new online format, we are introducing a special session called Science Slam to the symposium programme. 

What is a Science Slam?
A Science Slam is a communication format whereby young scientists have 8 minutes to explain their research projects in a captivating, unconventional and engaging way.
The format aims to propagate the innovative ideas of young researchers at the start of their career, who rarely get the opportunity to present to such an attentive audience and get real-time feedback from top-level scientists.

The judging panel will include leading experts from our Scientific Committees who will vote for the best presentation and will also be available for comments and suggestions for the researchers.
Presentations will be judged for communication skills, audience engagement and scientific accuracy. Props and creative presentation styles are encouraged!

How to apply
Are you a PhD student or a postdoctoral researcher? Send us a brief overview on your project describing the topics, the aim, the materials and methods, the expected results. In your talk, you will be able to include also aspects that are yet unknown or difficult for you, to receive constructive input from our panel of experts.

Applications must be prepared using the following template and submitted via email at

Please note that participation is reserved only for registered attendees.
Further details: Registration Fees

The Venice 2020 Science Slam Award
The best slammer will receive a cash prize of 300€ and one free registration for the next edition of the Sardinia Symposium - 18th International Waste Management and Landfill Symposium (

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