Special issue/ Biomass as a sustainable energy source


Topic: Biomass as a sustainable energy source
Abstracts submission deadline: 10 August 2018
Partner journal: Renewable Energy Journal 

We are proud to announce that a Special Issue of Renewable Energy Journal entitled 'Biomass as a sustainable energy source' will be compiled, based on a set of selected papers from the Venice 2018 Symposium.

Biomass is receiving in recent years a strong scientific attention as a sustainable energy source. In this virtual special issue (VSI) the focus will be on:

  • characterisation of biomass and waste biomass suitable for energy conversion (Lignocellulosic materials, other plant based products, algae, sewage sludge, food waste, slaughterhouse waste, etc.);
  • pretreatment for increasing performance;
  • anaerobic digestion and co-digestion of different biomass feedstocks, with generation of methane and hydrogen;
  • biorefinery processes, according to different kind of biomass, technologies, operation and production of various kind of biofuel;
  • thermal and thermochemical processes and technologies (combustion, gasification, pyrolysis, liquefaction, torrefaction, etc.) for conversion of biomass;
  • environmental impacts of biomass conversion technologies.

Guest editors: Raffaello Cossu (IT), Janguo Liu (CN), Alberto Pivato (IT) 

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Submit your abstract by 10th August using the online form.