Publishing a peer reviewed journal article on waste management - What are the expectations and what are reviewers looking for?

It is known that, when compared to journal papers, Symposium papers are normally shorter and are structured to attract the attention of Symposium delegates, who need an idea of what the presentation will look like. Therefore, not all symposium papers should be submitted to a scientific journal, and in most cases will require improvements to be considered. Additionally, the restructuring should be done based on the requirements set by specific journals.

For this reason, as a special feature of the 2020 edition of the Venice Symposium, a plenary session is scheduled with the participation of Editors-in chief of some of the main journals in the area of waste management. After introductory presentations by the Editors, we will have an open discussion with potential Authors and Referees.

The focus will be on the characteristics that a journal paper should have (What are the editor and the reviewer looking for in a manuscript? Is the topic within the scope of the journal and of interest for the journal? Journals require novelty: what is new? Are the results robust and transparent?) and what an editor can expect from a reviewer (Why should you do a review? Professional responsibility, positive attitude and be constructive in comments).

Introductory lectures:

Hamburg University of Technology - TUHH (DE)

Publishing: are we on the right track?

, Cyprus University of Technology (CY)
Editor in Chief of Renewable Energy, Elsevier

Ethics in publishing



Confirmed speakers:

, University of Campania Luigi Vanvitelli (IT)
Editor in Chief of Waste Management Journal, Elsevier

, University of Padova (IT)
Editor in Chief of Detritus - Multidisciplinary Journal for Waste Resources and Residues, CISA Publisher

, National Technical University of Athens (GR)
Editor in Chief of Journal of Hazardous Materials, Elsevier