Cadino plant, Italy:
Anaerobic digestion, Compost, Biogas production

Chair: Prof. Marco Ragazzi, Venice 2020 Scientific Secretary
Guest: Dr. Michele Zorzi, Technical Manager at Bioenergia Trentino

Since 2012, Bio Energia Trentino (BET) srl treats 75% of the organic waste produced annually in the Trentino area. Currently, the plant is in the organizational process to receive the remaining part of the waste produced in the area. The company is currently authorized to collect and recover 40,000 tons/year of organic waste resulted from the municipal solid waste stream and 14,500 tons/year of green waste. The company's purpose is to recover these materials by transforming them into by-products, which can be useful and ecologically compatible resources. Briefly, the wet waste is transformed into a first section (this phase is called anaerobic digestion), inside two hermetically sealed containers and isolated from the outside (digesters), by anaerobic microorganisms, which in the absence of oxygen degrade the organic matter contained in the waste and at the same time produce biogas. The latter is a gas composed of 60% methane, which is captured and used in a cogeneration engine, in which it is transformed into renewable electricity then fed into the grid. The digested substance is sent to the aerobic stabilization section (composting) where aerobic microorganisms finish degrading the organic substance until obtaining a top-quality soil conditioner (compost). Currently, the BET is building a new section for the transformation of biogas into biomethane. The project will allow BET to produce about 450 Sm3/h of biomethane that will be pressurized (at 70 bar) and, through the national network, transported to the filling station of the region, to power the current fleet of 42 methane buses (which will be expanded to 64). The UpGrading plant will consist of a biogas purification system, to raise the CH4 content from 60% to a minimum value of 97%, removing the unwanted components (mostly CO2 and H2S) from the biogas.

Loc. Cadino 18/1
38010 Faedo (TN), Italy
Tel. +39 0461 669008