Decision tools and strategies

SESSION A2 / 16 November 2020 / 14:45 - 16:00

Decision tools and strategies

Chair / Presidente: Gheorghe-Bulmau Cora (RO)

  • F. Gievers, A. Loewen, M. Nelles (DE)

    Life cycle assessment of sewage sludge pyrolysis – Environmental impacts of biochar as carbon sequestrator and nutrient recycler

  • S. Masi, I.M. Mancini, M. Caivano, D. Caniani (IT)

    Bioenergy chains from wastewater reuse: technological aspects and environmental sustainability

  • S. Piippo, E. Pongrácz (FI)

    Sustainable biomass production, bio-waste management and land use through cascade use of biomass

  • P. Llanquileo-Melgarejo, M. Molinos-Senante (CL)

    Assessing eco-productivity change in Chilean municipal solid waste services