Process modeling II

SESSION A4 / 17 November 2020 / 13:15 - 14:30

Process modeling II

Chair / Presidente: TBA

  • V. Messerle, A. Ustimenko, O. Lavrichshev, R. Baimuldin, N. Slavinskaya, Z. Sitdikov (KZ)

    Numerical and experimental investigation of medical and biological waste plasma gasification in different media

  • R. Pujan, H.A. Preisig (NO)

    Systematic modelling of a butanol fermentation equipped with in-situ gas stripping

  • X. He, D. Chen (CN)

    Prediction of MSW pyrolysis product distributions with an Artificial Neural Network model based on relational database

  • D. Piazzullo, M. Costa, F. Calise, M. Vicidomini, M. Dentice d’Accadia (IT)

    Technical, economic and environmental feasibility of a real hybrid mCHP system based on residual biomass gasification and solar PV: a transient numerical study

  • F. Calise, F.L. Cappiello, M. Dentice d’Accadia, A. Infante, M. Vicidomini (IT)

    Dynamic simulation of a solar-geothermal system for the biomethane production by anaerobic digestion: a case study for a harbour in Naples