Hydrothermal and other processes

SESSION A5 / 17 November 2020 / 14:45 - 16:00

Hydrothermal and other processes

Chair / Presidente: Nicole Berge (US)

  • L. Lombardi, S. Fabrizi, T. Foschi, B. Mendecka, F. Tuci (IT)

    Environmental assessment of hydrothermal carbonization of mechanically separated organic fraction from mixed MSW on industrial scale

  • S. Pinto Altamiranda, J. Aristizabal Restrepo, C. Barrera Causil, O. Gutiérrez, M.E. Gonzalez (CO)

    Microwave-assisted hydrothermal carbonization: a review

  • S.Z. Tarhana, A.T. Kocera, D. Ozcimena, I. Gokalp (FR)

    Cultivation of green microalgae by recovering aqueous nutrients in hydrothermal carbonization process water of biomass wastes

  • C.S. Costa, M.R. Ribeiro, J.M. Silva (PT)

    Hydrocracking of HDPE over H-USY and mesostructured acidic materials: Accessibility and Acidity effects

  • G. Costa, R. Garavaglia, F. Sciommarella, F. Lombardi (IT)

    Analysis and treatment options for different size fractions of dry-discharged RDF incineration bottom ash in view of recycling