Residues from waste to energy

SESSION A9 / 18 November 2020 / 16:15 - 17:30

Residues from waste to energy

Chair / Presidente: Deborah Panepinto (IT)

  • V. Benedetti, M. Scatto, P. Riello, M. Baratieri (IT)

    Biomass gasification char: from a waste to an effective filler for polymers

  • J. Schuster, B.-M. Steenari, B. Ebin (SE)

    Recovery of Antimony and other Hazardous Metals from MSWI Fly Ash by Leaching with Tartaric Acid

  • R. Chaiuppala, A. Saffarzadeh, T. Shimaoka (JP)

    Adsorption of heavy metals from MSW incineration fly ash leachate using rice husk ash (RHA) and silica gel derived from rice husk ash

  • J. Luo, D. Chen, L. Yin, Y. Feng, X. Dai (CN)

    Producing methane-rich gas with syngas over MSW pyrolysis char-carried Ni catalysts

  • H.B. Bahar, A. Saffarzadeh, M. Nag, T. Shimaoka (JP)

    Immobilization of heavy metal ions in incineration fly ash-contaminated leachate using processed fishbone: a simulation study

  • A. Ben Hassen Trabelsi, M. Heshmi Aissaoui, K. Zaafouri, G. Bensidhom, S. Abidi, F. Jamaaoui, A.M. El Asmi (TN)

    Insights into agricultural residues conversion into sustainable biofuels and nutrient-rich biochar using pyrolysis process in Tunisia