Anaerobic digestion - Biogas potential

SESSION B6 / 17 November 2020 / 16:15 - 17:30

Anaerobic digestion - Biogas potential

Chair / Presidente: Margherita Ferrante (IT)

  • F. Gavagnin (IT)

    Biomethane production from OFMSW an innovative technology for the waste pre-treatment and “dry” anaerobic digestion

  • J. Sprafke, N. Lajewski, M. Nelles (DE)

    Influence of co-substrates from industrial and agricultural origin on the continuous fermentation of biowaste

  • M. Carchesio, M. Di Addario, F. Tatàno, S. de Rosa, A. Gambioli (IT)

    Biochemical methane potential of intermediate and final outputs from biostabilisation MBT