PhD Resources and Dissemination

SESSION D5 / 17 November 2020 / 14:45 - 16:00

PhD Resources and Dissemination

Chair / Presidente: Gabriela Ionescu (RO)

The session is open for all master and PhDs students, Postdocs, researchers, and experts who are interested to share their knowledge and experiences related to the different resources and dissemination practices. Depending on each professional stage, several questions will be raised, presented and discussed, such as: Which platforms can I use for my documentation? How can I get in contact with other research groups and how can I approach them? What PhD thesis in the international cotutela regime means and what implies? Why is dissemination important? Which are the methods, tools, and good practices for research dissemination? How can I find the right dissemination tool? How can I get my research more visible? From where could I obtain a grant for participation at conferences, seminars, workshops, scientific events? Where can I find funding schemes for my research and how can I get one? Should I pursue a postdoctoral fellowship or not? What are my or the coordinator hopes, fears, and expectations during my Ph.D./Postdoc?

  • G. Dyke ()

    Publishing in a peer reviewed journal: managing rejection as an author