EU Projects - Resources from Waste: Energy and Materials II

SESSION D9 / 18 November 2020 / 16:15 - 17:30

EU Projects - Resources from Waste: Energy and Materials II

Chair / Presidente: Fabio Poretti (BE)

Dissemination and exploitation are integral part of the European research and innovation funding, and certain obligations in this regard arise even at the project proposal. By sharing their results with the rest of the scientific community, researchers contribute to the progress of science in general. Nevertheless, experience shows it's not always easy to meet these goals. In this regard, the combination of the Venice 2020 Symposium with SUM 2020 provides the perfect stage for dissemination of EU projects focusing on the recovery of waste, both in terms of new materials and energy. During the session selected projects will have the chance to present what they have discovered, how they tackled the challenges they encountered and what are the next research steps in the fields covered by their activities.

  • M. Notarfonso, G. Sabbatini (IT)

    REINWASTE - REmanufacture the food supply chain by testing INNovative solutions for zero inorganic WASTE

  • T. Lolos, G. Tavoularis, C. Tsompanidis, G. Konstantinopoulos, L. Streff (GR)

    Improvement of Waste Management in Georgia through the application of an effective EPR system for selected products

  • M. Soto-Herranz, M. Sánchez-Báscones, E. Gómez (ES)

    Development of membrane devices to reduce ammonia emissions generated by manure in poultry and pig farms

  • A. Rimpiläinen (FI)

    Biogas for Future Electric and Gas Grids (BIOFEGG)