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Founded in 1987 as an environmental protection services firm, Geos Environment S.r.l. has been continually adapting to the copious changes of this important sector, occurred in our society over the past 25 years; specifically to the more stringent legal and social requirements that have nowadays become the fundamental milestones of our future environmental behaviour. Today, the Company is a truly European operator with excellent human capital, technological capabilities and business references; it states itself as a benchmark in this field, due its capacity to meet clients' needs and develop customized, open-ended solutions to the problems they encounter in the areas of waste management optimizing. Geos Environment Ltd. has the resources and expertise to deal with all of the environmental concerns of Local Authorities and  Industrial Companies offering a range of services designed to protect the environment and make our clients much more competitive and self-assured within their areas of influence.

Among the leading National and European operators Geos Environment is capable to provide a complete range of waste management services, covering the entire waste cycle: urban cleaning services, soil and site remediation, collection, sorting, transfer, treatment and recycling-recovery. As priorities the Company is committed to modelling and intensifying its integrated municipal and industrial waste management services, lengthening its lead in waste treatment technology and continuing the industrialization of processes in order to recycle more and more resources. Geos Environment Ltd. is therefore committed to the following goals: reducing the pollutant load of waste in order to mitigate the environmental impact of rising waste production besides, pushing forward with recycling and recovery as prerequisites of its future growth. As global regulations prioritize environmental protection the full value of its mission becomes clear.

Quality Certifications: UNI-EN ISO 9001-2008, UNI-EN ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System, SA 8000: 2008, BS OHSAS 18001:2007; SOA Certifications: (category OG8 class II – category OS8 class II – category OG12 class V - category OG1 class III Bis) – Enrolments: Category 4 class E, Cat. 5 class E, Cat. 8 class C, Cat. 9 class C, Cat.s 10A and 10B class C (for further informations please visit our Company Site at: www.geosgroup.it).

Our core competencies:
Environmental Protection and Engineering Services, Waste Management (hazardous and non-hazardous waste sorting and treatment), Recycling, Waste Reduction Services and On-site Activities, Projecting and implementing integrated solutions leading to “zero waste” status, Regulatory and Obligations Compliance Assistance, Monitoring, Evaluating and reducing financial exposure within the waste management processes, Declassification from hazardous to non hazardous (soil and water) waste, Energy Recovery/Power Generation/Conversion of waste into energy and/or raw materials, Soil Remediation and Decommissioning (ground, subsoil, underground and surface waters), Water treatment/Restraint of ground water contamination with on-site remediation plants (vacuum evaporating system, air-stripper, osmosis, high vacuum extraction, chemical oxidationbio slurping-multi-phase extraction etc.), Pipe (and Tanks) systems maintenance and clearance,Landfill Construction and Management, Safety and Security Emergency Measures Interventions (MISE), Realization of Vertical Barrier Systems (diaphragm), Removal and disposal of materials containing ASBESTOS in every form (compact or powdery). We are also specialised in realizing Sport Facilities and Multi-Purpose Fields using a wide set of advanced recycled materials like EOL Tyres Shock-Proof Rubber mixed with Acrylic/Polyurethane Resins (Soccer Fields, Athletic tracks, Tennis, Volley and Basketball courts, Skating rinks, Cycle tracks, Playground Areas etc. Since September 2011 we have been entitled Business Partners of the Italian Consortium Ecopneus s.c.a.r.l (nationwide aimed to the collection, recovery and recycling of EOL Tyres in compliance with the applicable legislation).

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