Posters will be provided as PDF files, accessible at all times and easily downloadable. Delegates will be able to comment and ask questions to the authors via Q&A and chat. Furthermore, two poster discussion hubs will be held during the sessions D7 and D10, where poster presenters and other delegates can meet, network and discuss the poster topics and findings.

  • Y. Hua, C. Cai, X. Dai, S. Chen (CN)
    Biomethane production by typical Chinese straw anaerobic digestion: deep insights of material compositions and surface properties

  • A. Taskin, O. Nesterova, S. Ivannikov (RU)
    Waste-free disposal of sewage in small settlements of the Russian Federation

  • J. Reichelt, G. Pfrang-Stotz, B. Bergfeldt, M. Ricker (DE)
    Small scale-simulation of mineral reactions during the formation of slags in the combustion chamber of biomass heat and power plants

  • B. Bergfeldt, J. Reichelt, G. Pfrang-Stotz (DE)
    Systematic investigation of solid residues from three German biomass power plants

  • C. Hartung, V. Dandikas, H. Heuwinkel, T. Eickenscheidt, C. Zollfrank, M. Drösler (DE)
    Influence of the harvest date on the specific biogas production from Typha latifolia and Phalaris arundinacea

  • S. Ochiai, M. Ueda, M. Sato, K. Ishii, T. Furuichi (JP)
    Study of combustion characteristics of energy crop Miscanthus giganteus using a small biomass burner

  • G. Vinti, M. Vaccari (IT)
    PM10, PM2.5 and CO concentration in smokes from inefficient cooking systems in rural communities of Ghana and health implications

  • C. Camolesi Guimarães (BR)
    Is encouraging behaviour intentions an effective way to promote household recycling?

  • T. Miranda, F.J. Sepúlveda, P. Romero, J. I. Arranz, I. Montero (ES)
    Determination of carbon footprint for cork industry waste

  • T. Bauer, A. Lagerkvist (SE)
    Finding new sewage sludge treatment solutions for the arctic city of Kiruna

  • J. Mankasem, P. Prasertcharoensuk, A. Phan (UK)
    Gasification of waste biomass for hydrogen production: effects of gasification parameters

  • J.L. Toro-Trochez, E.S. Carrilo-Pedraza, D. Bustos-Martínez, L. Sandoval Rangel (MX)
    Catalytic pyrolysis of soybean hulls: a focus on obtaining oil and char