Posters will be made available to Symposium delegates at all times only in digital format on our virtual platform and through QR codes displayed at the venue. In the Oppio Room (first floor) there will be a designated computer, projected on a screen, to browse through all posters (PDF files) and watch the pre-recorded video presentations by their authors.
Delegates will be able to send comments and questions to the authors or contact them directly via chat or video call.

P01 /
T. Woraruthai, C. Supawatkorn, P. Uthaipaisanwong, K. Kusonmano, T. Wongsurawat, P. Jenjaroenpun, N. Weeranoppanant, P. Chaiyen, T. Wongnate (TH)
Biohydrogen production by a novel strain of Enterococcus faecalis isolate VT-H1

P02 / D. Pokorna, Z. Varga, D. Andreides, P. Benes, J. Zabranska (CZ)
Biological upgrading biogas to biomethane in pilot-scale trickled bed biofilm reactor

P03 / N. Wongfaed, A. Reungsang (TH)
Biomethane potential of sugarcane leaves ensiled with hydrogenic effluent

P04 / J. Kim, G.O. Ortiz Vanegas, Y.A. Lee, H.-W. Kim (KR)
Confirming organic matters removal in wastewater by cold plasma treatment and reuse removed carbon dioxide to culture microalgae

P05 / P.M.S.M. Rodrigues, F. David, E. Soares, E. Monteiro, N. Melo, J. Gregório, R. Rodrigues (PT)
Economic aspects of a collection solution of biowaste in an association of municipalities in Portugal

P06 / D. Ryu, D. Kim, K.H. Jang, J.W. Lee (KR)
Effect of hydrothermal carbonization to improve combustion properties of biofuel from Empty Fruit Bunches

P07 / A. Karlsson, N. Svensson, J. Ejlertsson, F. Ometto (SE)
EffiSludge for Life: Increased resource efficiency in industrial wastewater treatment

P08 / M. Carone, M. Zanetti, V. A. Riggio (IT)
Evaluation of microalgae CO2 bio-fixation efficiencies under controlled growth conditions in a closed pilot-scale planar photobioreactor

P09 / A. Mellalou, B. Abdelaziz, O. Abdelkader (MA)
Experimental investigation on the drying of olive pomace waste in a modified hybrid greenhouse dryer

P10 / C.I. Fabreti Calciolari, F.G. Fernandes da Silva Rossato (BR)
Feasibility of energy self-sufficiency by biomass production in a Brazilian state

P11 / Y. Jo, J. Park, G.-B. Kim, S.-H. Kim (KR)
High-rate activated sludge (HRAS) process for biogas recovery in sewage treatment

P12 / T. Ender, V. Shettigondahalli Ekanthalu, M. Nelles (DE)
Hydrothermal carbonization of sewage sludge – an effective approach to treat and manage sewage sludge in rural areas of Germany

P13 / J. Kumpiene, J. Forsberg (SE)
Impact of wastewater treatment on PFAS compounds in sludge

P14 / L. Sillero, M. Perez, R. Solera (ES)
Improvement of sewage sludge treatment by anaerobic co-digestion with agri-food wastes (wine vinasse and poultry manure)

P15 / C.J. Cobo-Ceacero, J. Alonso-Azcárate, A. Conde-Sánchez, B. González-Corrochano, A.B. López-García, C. Martínez-García, A.M. Martínez-Rodríguez, J.M. Moreno-Maroto, A. Rentero López, M. Uceda-Rodríguez, M.T. Cotes-Palomino (ES)
Manufacture of lightweight aggregates from mixtures of kaolin and iron-rich waste

P16 / M. Lee, K. Yoo, S. Kim, K.-G. Song, J. Park (KR)
Metagenomic and Metatranscriptomic Identification of Active Methane Production Microbial populations and Pathways in AnMBR with Rotary disks and Floating media

P17 / I. Saleh, M. Abu-Dieyeh (QA)
Novel Prosopis juliflora leaf ethanolic extract effectiveness for extending postharvest shelf-life of strawberries and cucumbers

P18 / K. Sreeyod, P. Plangklang, A. Reungsang, S. Sittijunda (TH)
Optimization of succinic acid production from molasses by newly isolated bacteria

P19 / C. Ferro Callil Nascimento, H. J. Martez Esquire Nogueira, A. F. Machado Leitão Bento, D. dos Santos Lima, I. C. Tessaro, N. R. Marcilio (BR)
Organic template-free synthesis of ZSM-5 Zeolite using rice husk ash as silica source

P20 / A.F. Machado Leitão Bento, R.R. de Souza Xavier, C.F. Callil Nascimento, D. dos Santos Lima, N.R. Marcilio, I.C. Tessaro (BR)
Preparation and characterization of flat ceramic membrane supports from rice husk ash and alumina

P21 / L. Sillero, M. Perez, R. Solera (ES)
Production of biohydrogen, biomethane and biofertiliser by anaerobic tridigestion with temperature phase separation

P22 / Y. A Lee, H.-W. Kim (KR)
Proposal of smart strategic management system for cold plasma process using ORP monitoring and OH radical correlation

P23 / S. Seyffert, N. Schmeißer, C. Cuhls (DE)
Recovery of nutrients from animal slurry by solid-liquid separation, stripping and fixation of ammonia, precipitation of phosphorus and flocculation

P24 / S. Ochiai, K. Ishii, T. Furuichi (JP)
Study on decarbonization of the dairy farming system using biomass crops as cattle bedding

P25 / M.T.M. Nogueira, A.P.C. Ribeiro, L.M.D.R.S. Martins (PT)
Synthesis of a bioplastic from agri-food waste

P26 / J.-Y. Nam, E. Jwa, N. Jeong (KR)
Electrochemical removal of calcium and magnesium ions in reverse electrodialysis

P27 / L.S.S. Hulkko, T. Chaturvedi, M. Hedegaard Thomsen (DK)
Valorisation of salicornia waste biomass through green biorefinery

P28 / D. dos Santos Lima, O. W. Perez-Lopez (BR)
Waste eggshell as a catalyst for the oxidative coupling of methane to light olefins: effect of metal impregnation

P29 / A. Leal Vieira Cubas, L. de Souza, A. Paggi Matos, E.H. Siegel Moecke (BR)
Non-thermal plasma changes fatty acid composition and lignocellulosic content in Scenedesmus biomass

P30 / A. Leal Vieira Cubas, F. da Silva Osório, E.H. Siegel Moecke, M. Medeiros Machado (BR)
Plasma technology as an alternative for biodiesel production

P31 / L. Azócar, F. Valdebenito, S. Alejandro-Martin, R. Muñoz (CL)
Biopropane production through a thermal process by using carboxylates produced from waste frying oil

P32 / M. Ferrante, G. Oliveri Conti, A. Cristaldi, L. Falqui, E. Pulvirenti (IT)
Microplastics and waste water, development of an effective tool in water treatment

P33 / G. Farru (IT)
Integrated treatment of cheese whey and hi-tech waste: a demonstration of synergistic waste management in a circular economy perspective

P34 / E. David, A. Armeanu (RO)
Optimizing the parameters of the slow pyrolysis process of biomass waste to obtain products with improved characteristics

P35 / D. Li, M.K. Manu, J.W.C. Wong (HK)
The role of biochar in anaerobic digestate composting

P36 / C. Zhang, J. Zou, S. Ge (CN)
Study on the pyrolysis of three kinds of digestates in a pilot scale pyrolysis reactor targeting for producing fertilizer

P37 / B. Tonanzi, S. Crognale, A. Gianico, S. Della Sala, P. Miana, M.C. Zaccone, S. Rossetti (IT)
Full-scale mesophilic anaerobic sludge digester: microbial community dynamics from start-up to steady state

P38 / G. Oliveira Rosa da Cruz, I. de Paula Sousa, P. Viana Araújo, A. Carraro Borges, C. Leite de Souza, A. Pereira Rosa (BR)
Organic matter conversion routes in a covered lagoon biodigester treating swine wastewater

P39 / L. Adami, M. Tubino, M. Ragazzi (IT)
Minimum necessary contents of the environmental impact assessment for a comparison between municipal solid waste to energy technologies

P40 / C. Karmann, K. Navrátilová, T. Podzimek, P. Lipovová, J. Bartáček, V. Kouba (CZ)
From waste to jet-fuel: Biosynthesis conditions of anammox ladderane lipids

P41 / J.M. Budatala, J. Bartáček, S. Purkrtova (CZ)
Anaerobic digestion as technology for removal of antibiotic resistance genes from wastewater sludge – A comparison of different operational temperatures